In recent times swimming has been widely introduced to schools, families, organizations but public and private all over the country, creating awareness of its some many benefits including health benefits. Swimming is encouraged and introduced to kids even at an early age, parents now appreciate and understand the great necessity of acquiring the skill hence are encouraging their kids to learn from the early age. Schools in Nigeria have started incorporating swimming activities as part of their curriculum while other schools are opening open to the idea and its importance.

The existence of swimming can be traced back to as far as 2000 BC., where the Assyrians showed an early breaststroke in their stone carvings. The Hittites, the Minoans and other early civilizations left drawings of swimming and diving skills. Even the Bible refers to movement through the water. In Ezekiel 47:5, Acts 27:42 and Isaiah 25:11. Competitive swimming is at least as old as 36 B.C., when the Japanese held the first known swimming races.

One of the major reason humankind strive to perfect the art of swimming back in the days was to gain military advantage over their foe. The first known historical record of military use of swimming is found on Egyptian wall reliefs picturing the story of the route of the Hittites by Ramses 11 (1292-1225 B.C.) across the Orontes River in northern Syria. The Hittites apparently swam the breaststroke and an overarm stroke which was shown in good detail, including breathing position, body position, kick, arm reaches and timing. Assyrian reliefs dated about 880 B.C. show figures swimming in an unmistakable hand-over-hand stroke. Several archaeological items reveal that ancient Greeks and Romans also used swimming for military operations.

Late Dr. J. K, Randle in 1963 made provision for proper venue on Lagos Island for people to swim that was the first competitive swimming to hold in Nigeria was held in Lagos although swimming has been in existence in Nigeria since 1938. Late Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, lateDr. Omololu, late Dr. M.O Alakija (Eja Nla) and late Dr. Kofi Duncan were some of the prominent citizens that supported and campaigned for the development and organization of swimming as a sport in the early years.

The National Sports Council in 1958 formed and inaugurated the first Swimming Association (The Amateur Swimming Association of Nigeria – ASAN) and the founding Chairman was Mr. E. J Moses. In the early days of 1963 the need to improve the techniques and develop competitive swimming led to the employment of the first professional full – time Swimming Coach for Nigeria through an agreement between the National Sports Council and the British Council.

Mr. A. B. R watts who was based at King George V pool as a coach at the Onikan and Police barrack pool Obalenda further aid in development of the sport via the introduction of modern training techniques for swimmers in Lagos Island and it surroundings. Mr. Godfrey Offurum the physical training instructor with the Nigerian Army & Mr. Daniel Emoghene were assigned to assist Mr. Watts with his training program. Mr. Emoghene was also later employed by the National Sports Commission as an Assistant National Coach.

In recent time the drowning rate in the nation of both kids and adults have been on the increase, one of our major objective is to educate the society in order to reduce the rate of drowning. The increased rate could also be attributed to the high rate of uncertified certain number of people who claim to be swimming coaches, teachers or instructors, some instructors or coaches feel swimming is all about moving in water but there is a lot more than that to it, everyone need to understand and differentiate between been a coach, an instructor and a teacher as these are not just titles. There is need for professional training and proper certification of all involved.

SwimNigeria aim is to ensure every child and adult in every home has not just the basic and academic knowledge of swimming but also the social responsibility aspect of it which will as well help to reduce the rate of drowning incident in the country, also introducing kids and their parent to swimming as a competitive sport with the aim of partaking in various national and international sporting events and competition.

Swim Nigeria aside from engaging and building up competitive swimmers, we are also interested developing individual who intend to take up swimming as a profession to be outstanding, professional and properly certified by ensuring they go through the approved swim training conducted in our academy by our experts and professional swim coaches and certificate of qualification will be issued afterwards.

We know in the near future before any individual will be allowed to teach anywhere in the nation either individual, school or public class, he or she will be required to prove his has the right qualification and show case his or her skills to teach and this is where Swim Nigeria will be needed as we have what it takes to coach upcoming coaches. Swim Nigeria will also take it further then just teaching and issuing out certificate as we will strive to have employment placement for our trained instructor, coaches or teachers, we intend to have at least one of our qualified trainee in every schools public and private that will train kids at early age how to swim properly as well as encourage adults in the nation to acquire the skill of swimming.

How do you know a qualified swim personal? When he or she can prove with evidence that he or she has acquired the right skills and this can be gotten by enrolling for our trainings on how to be a swimming coach, teacher or instructor after undergoing and passing the various tests at different stages. Once you have passed and can proved that you have truly acquired the necessary skills and knowledge then our approved certificate will be issued.

In line with the above we intend to build up competitive swimmers and swim team that would in the near future represent the nation Nigeria in Olympics and other swimming competitions around the world and this we have already started working on as we have our swim team (student) from different schools in Abuja.

The founder and C.E.O of Swim Nigeria Mr. Disi Jimmy Godwin is a certified Level 5 American Swim Coach with years of proven successful experience in swimming, he is a FINA Certified Coach, certified American Lifeguard, Council of British International School Certification, Child Protection in Education Certification and Swimming Professor.

Coach Jimmy has great passion for the sport SWIMMING, he passionate and driven to make sure that swimming is made a safe sport, this drive and passion is transferred to all his employees, colleagues and anyone who comes in professional contact with him. The importance of swimming cannot be over emphasized and acquiring the skill of swimming is essential to everyone. Swimming in Nigeria is a new adapted sport and there is need for more awareness and educate the general public of its importance to our daily life as it has various benefit to it including health and healthy living.

Swim Nigeria is founded for the main reason of training the youth of how to be a swim teacher, instructor or coach before they are assigned and sent out to teach or coach anywhere which another way of creating job and employment to the masses. You do not need to be a graduate before enrolling for the training with Swim Nigeria, however a minimal of secondary school certificate with at least 5 credits including English and Mathematic is required.

The interested and registered individual will have to undergo our professional training and written and practical test will be conducted for each individual after which only the qualified would be certified and recommended for an employment. What qualifications are we talking about here; our qualifications will include:

Child Protection in Education Certification Child Neglect First Aid Essential Food Hygiene and Safety Health and Safety in Education Child Production in Sport and Active Leisure Nigerian Swim Coach Certification Nigerian Lifeguard Certification

Before any of our trainees will be issued our certificate he or she will need to pass and possess by prove a certain level of understanding of at least three of certification stages before such individual can be assigned to train any child or adult.

Swim Nigeria will not be held responsible for any misconduct, damage or dangerous exposure of client by any individual, coach or instructor who claims to be our employee without via confirmation from the organization as we are very careful and conduct thorough investigation of our employees before assignment. We are presently the only registered and qualified organization to assign an instructor, teacher or coach to your school or your private home for a swimming session. Swim Nigeria has taken upon themselves to ensure any individual assigned to a client or school undergoes proper training in: Character, Timing, and are Highly Skilled. We ensure the children or student(s) under our care are well protected and taken care of s our clients safety as well as satisfaction is our top priority.

The conception of Swim Nigeria by our Head Coach and C.E.O Coach Jimmy was the year 2017 but was registered and duly started functioning in 2018the experience and growth so far has been a tremendous one with sponsors all around the globe who are ready to support the dream and ensure the goal is achieve from as far as UK (United Kingdom) and near.

Nigeria is country gifted with so many potentials and Swim Nigeria intend to ensure that such potential are fully utilized and effectively work on. Nigeria is going to be one of the countries recognized nationwide in terms of swimming. We will put Nigeria on the map and will get us the recognition by getting swimmers that can represent the country and by winning enough medals at every competition attempted.

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