ASCA Level 4 Certification

ASCA International Senior / ASCA International Age Group Education and Experience level are evaluated. Coach must have at least one swimmer achieve at least one time on the ASCA International Level 4 Coaching Performance Achievement Requirement chart (50‐meter pool times only). The Coach must:

  • Submit an ASCA Certification Application (or an ASCA Certification Update / Upgrade)
  • Complete the ASCA Level 1 Foundations of Coaching Course
  • Complete the ASCA Level 2 Stroke School Course
  • Complete the ASCA Level 3 Physiology School Course
  • Complete the ASCA Level 4 Leadership School Course

Submit the Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4 tests with passing scores To Meet the Coaching Performance Criteria, the coach must submit to the ASCA LOCAL HOST HERO for verification:

  • The Certification of Primary Coach letter proving he/she is the Primary Coach of the athlete being claimed in the submitted results. “Primary Coach” means that the coach in question has planned and executed 90% of the training of an athlete during the year (12 months) previous to the athlete’s new time achievement
  • His/her resume of coaching experience
  • Proof of Time of the athlete being provided for Performance consideration. Official meet results with cover page / title header or Official local country Federation rankings are acceptable. Proof of time must include (only times done in 50‐meter long course pools are acceptable):
    • The event and time
    • Age of the swimmer
    • Male or female

Certification credit will only be given for courses, clinics, and materials that you have registered, attended and purchased.

ASCA International Level 4 Certification Coaching Performance Achievement Requirements (All times in 50M pool)

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