Swimmer’s Guidelines & Responsibilities

Swimmer Responsibilities

  • Always be on time for swim practice or swim meet with the necessary equipment- swimsuit, goggles, caps, kick boards, etc.;
  • Inform and notify the Head Coach in advance if you are unable to attend your scheduled practice;
  • Obey all pool regulations;
  • Show respect for all Swim Nigeria coaches, other swimmers, Executive, volunteers, parents or pool staff;
  • While attending any swim meets swimmers are to show respect for other Club, and officials;
  • Be a Team Player:  Swimmers are to always wear the team swimsuits and cap to all meets (which will serve as a means of identifying with Swim Nigeria) and stay with the team cheering them on.


All members of the Swim Nigeria Club should remember that they are ambassadors of their club and at all times should act in a manner which reflects the pride of their Club. A Code of Conduct is for everyone’s benefit. It is important that everyone understands it.

  1. All members of Swim Nigeria are expected to exhibit good sportsmanship
  2. Swimmers are expected to be well mannered and polite. They are expected to listen and follow the instructions of their coaches and while travelling without their parents are expected to obey the instruction of their chaperones. This ensures safety and well being of all.
  3. At no time should members have possession of drugs, alcohol,tobacco or abusive substance?
  4. At the beginning of each swim class/season, the swimmer will be given a form outlining the basic rules of conduct while at the pool. The swimmer shall read and sign this form and then have a parent/guardian sign it as well. This will be kept in their file.
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