Water Safety In Schools

Many schools as part of sport, physical education or special focus programs engage in aquatic activities and conduct programs which may be categorised as: Weekly training and instruction sessions, Recreational swimming incorporated in sports programs. Students need to be progressively introduced to and taught the skills needed for safe participation. To ensure that students have a safe and enjoyable experience, it is important that their skill levels and abilities are appropriate for the activity and the venue. Such preparation might include the following types of information and procedures:

  •   The potential risks of swimming at the selected venue
  •   The essential safe practices for swimming at the venue.
  •   The boundaries of the swimming and out-of-water waiting, rest or playing area
  •    How to use swimming aids and other equipment safely
  •    Who to notify if leaving or returning to the water
  •    Designation of recreation and rest areas when out of the water
  •    What to do and or say if approached by an unwelcome member of the public.
  •    Any limitations to activities or play in the water
  •    The sun protection measures that are appropriate.
  •    The response to any accident or other emergency that might occur

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