Your First Adult Swimming Class

When adults decide to learn to swim it is usually for a good reason – before a holiday, so they can join their children who can swim, or they want to participate in an activity where they need to be able to swim, such as sailing. This means they are more likely to succeed. Everyone can learn to swim, it is just the journey that is different. If you cannot swim you are missing out on a great way to keep fit and healthy. Staying calm in the water is essential but before you get to the pool;

Get a proper bathing suit. Find a suit that is comfortable, fits well, and that you can move in. Put a swim cap on. Not only will it protect your hair against the chlorine, but it will also make your body more streamlined and reduce water tension
Get comfortable with putting your face in the water. Make sure your goggles are on. At this point, you may need to adjust the goggles by tugging on the straps so that they don’t leak.
If you don’t feel comfortable getting into the pool yet, you can practice this part in a bowl of warm water. The bowl should be twice the size of your face.
Get in the water, and move your arms sideways and up-and-down. You’ll feel the pressure of the water resisting you, and you may even find it shifting your body around. Moving your arms sideways will cause your body to turn. Pushing downward will cause your body to move upward. moves your body up. Moving your arms backward will tilt your body forward.
You can do this standing or sitting, but you should be in the water up to your shoulders.This is sometimes referred to as “sculling.”
Get into the habit of keeping your body straight, like a needle on water. Remember to stay safe at all times. Learning how to swim is not a competition; save that for when you are more experienced.

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